The Shaggy Dog

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The Shaggy Dog

A remake of the 1959 film, “The Shaggy Dog” relates the story of lawyer Dave Douglas (Tim Allen), who is turned into a dog by accident. In his struggle to become human again, Dave is forced to see life from a new perspective, and he his surprised to learn what he’s been missing. With a whole new understanding of life and his family, Dave sets out to make things right, starting with an attempt to stop the evil forces who developed the serum that turned him into a canine in the first place.

MPAA Rating: PG, for some mild rude humor
Running Time: 99 min
Genre: Family/Comedy
Starring: Tim Allen, Kristin Davis, Danny Glover, Craig Kilborn, Robert Downey Jr., Shawn Pyfrom
Studio: Walt Disney Pictures
Director: Brian Robbins

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